Celect Siding by Royal

Why Choose Celect?

It’s Beauty!

The beauty of Celect® Cellular Composite Siding by Royal® is the range of powerful feelings it elicits: the pride in sheathing your home in the gorgeous armor it deserves; the peace of mind in possessing woodlike beauty impervious to mold, caulking, heat and cold; and the supreme confidence that you’ll never need another home exterior.

Celect can’t help looking as beautiful as it does because that’s the way it's engineered. Our cellular materials faithfully emulate the rich, evocative appearance of wood. Our patented interlocking joint system makes unsightly seams virtually disappear. And our gravity lock design ensures against less-than-beautiful buckling and warping. The results? Truly premium siding looks and devastatingly handsome horizontal and vertical integrity.


The technology of our premium siding is as beautiful as its envy-inducing curb appeal.

Everything you imagine and work for goes into your home. So you have every reason to expect the premium siding you invest in to perform for you decade after decade.

If you're going to build premium siding with looks as amazing as we have, you better create ways to maintain and protect those looks. So that's exactly how we engineered Celect® Cellular Composite Siding by Royal®.

  •  Patented interlocking joint system

It's what makes seams virtually disappear and our premium siding so easy on the eyes. Plus it's simpler to install than fiber cement. The effect is aesthetically stunning and moisture repelling.

    • Keeps boards straight and true through the home’s natural expansion and contraction 
    • Eliminates caulked seams and energy loss 
    • No gaps, buckling or wavy lines

·        Gravity lock design

This ensures our premium siding exhibits no warping, buckling or shifting. The siding just sits there looking always magnificent and forever young.

    • Unique gravity lock design keeps courses locked tight 
    • Maintains structural integrity 
    • Wind resistance to over 130 mph

·        Kynar Aquatec® coating

You can thank our celebrated coating for a rich, deep palette of colors that are here to stay. It provides superior UV resistance and reflects energy back into the atmosphere—making heating and air conditioning less energy demanding.

    • Withstands all weather conditions and climates 
    • 25-year warranty on the finish 
    • Kynar Aquatec coating and cool-core technology reflect heat in the summer and contain it in the winter All of our trim, mouldings and mounts can be had in the 18 Kynar Aquatec-coated colors of Celect and are available for complementary mixing and matching

        Low Maintenance

Embrace the premium home exterior that takes care of you.

For homeowners with Celect® Cellular Composite Siding by Royal®, the good life is having the most curb-appealing exterior—and the most carefree maintenance—on the block. Actually, it’s a great life. A wonderful, mold-repelling, mildew-defying, insect-rejecting life.

Long-term maintenance takes its toll in time, inconvenience and cost. But not with Celect. It won’t delaminate because its cellular materials won’t let it. Unlike fiber cement, it eliminates the need for painting, repainting, caulking and re-caulking. Plus its deep, rich Kynar Aquatec®–coated colors never fade.

    • Stands up to impact even under the harshest weather conditions 
    • Kynar Aquatec coating withstands all weather conditions and climates 
    • Backed by a 25-year color-protection warranty 
    • Repels mold and mildew

·        Recyclable, sustainable and seriously green.

A life and neighborhood enriched with curb appeal is a beautiful thing. Even better: a home exterior that helps you reduce energy costs and save the environment as long as it's on your home.

    • Unique white substrate helps lower heat absorption 
    • Kynar Aquatec® coating provides superior UV resistance and reflects energy back into the atmosphere—reducing the energy demands of heating and air conditioning 
    • Insulates 70% better than wood 
    • Has almost twice the R-value of fiber cement and wood

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