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At KDM we use only the best products to help ensure a water tight seal. A common missconception of either vinyl or hardboard exterior is that it is a water barrier and keeps the water out. This is incorrect as the products that actually seal your home are what is behind the cosmetic addition of vinyl or hardboard siding, the paper! The enveloping (House-wrapping) is done before any application of exterior products and it must be sealed properly in order for the water tight seal to be effective!

  • Nova Flash

    One of the top options for sealing your windows and doors. Nova flash has a sticky tar-like substance that seals to the window and door flanges, making a water tight seal.
  • Tuck Tape

    Tuck tape is used to seal all the vertical overlaps in the house wrap. We will also use tuck tape to seal our drip edges that we install on all windows and doors. This is to ensure that no water can get in behind the house or the drip edge which would result in water leakage.
  • Supra Caulking

    Why we choose Supra over other brands is simple, it's not silicone! Simply put, silicone is not the better product for exterior sealing. Why? Silicone hardens and has no flexibility resulting in cracking and breaking as temperatures rise and fall, leaving your home susceptible to potential leaks.
  • House Wrap

    House wrap is the barrier between your home and moisture; it is what keeps the rain outside from getting inside. This is where protecting your home from the elements is the most crucial as house wrap is what's keep your house dry, not the siding.

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