Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding

Why Vinyl?

The most common reason to install siding is to protect your dwelling from the elements. Vinyl siding, in particular, is an excellent way to extend the life of your home without the need of painting, especially in those areas that see a lot of rain and wind. Where wood products or products that require painting would get prematurely aged due to the extreme weather, vinyl does not. Vinyl siding comes in many different colours, gauges (an increased panel depth equals a greater defense against weather related forces), and price ranges. Finding a balance between the gauge of the product and the price is an important factor for you to consider when choosing a product for your home. 

Over the years there have been many great technological advances to the development of vinyl siding. These advances have increased the likelihood that the vinyl product is likely your most affordable option.  Some of the key advances that have been made to vinyl are increased insular properties and increased strength to the product as a whole, however they come at an elevated cost. If you can safely afford to, go with the higher end product. You will no doubt receive the long term reward of significantly lower energy costs and a higher resale value because of this decision.

Siding in general was designed first and foremost to mimic the look of natural wood. Keep this in mind when you are choosing the siding that will best reflect and accentuate your home.  When it comes to the profile of the siding there are numerous types to choose from. Variations include a traditional clapboard siding, a more decorative dutchlap (in various dimensions), and an intricate beaded profile. Many other options include cedar-like “shakes”, patterned siding and the ornamental scalloped- edged design.

Of all the choices you will have to make, from price to profile, the easiest decision perhaps will be what colour of siding you choose. While there are many different colours to choose from, most are very neutral and up until recently dark colours were rarely seen. Darker colours however, add more cost to the product. 

Types of Vinyl from our suppliers:

Royal Residential is a professional level vinyl and it delivers long term performance as well as a very appealing natural woodgrain finish. This product also helps you to achieve the look you want with its variety of decorative colours and distinct profiles. 

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Crown Select Dark Colours are rich, dark, color-fast shades. This product has the innovation of Royalside Compound and the Dura Technology Process to create a product that provides leading UV resistance as well as unsurpassed protection against fading and discolouring. This combination also creates a product that has exceptional impact resistance under the harshest weather conditions. 

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Sequoia Select offers exquisite style and exceptional strength which is the hallmark of Sequoia Select ultra premium vinyl siding. This product has a greater panel thickness, deeper dimension and an extraordinary hurricane-velocity wind resistance up to 253 mph. It also sports a luxurious low-gloss finish that is embossed with a sumptuous texture. All of this plus a generous selection of beautiful solid and variegated colours with classic profiles make for a tastefully stated elegance for your home.

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Concord This vinyl siding shows off it's versatility and visual appeal with five classic profiles and a full selection of beautiful colors. Generous both in style and solidity, this expertly crafted siding will enhance the appearance of your home with a durable, easy-care finish.

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Siding Accents:

Foundry Specialty Siding Want that cedar shake look but not the upkeep that comes with it? Well that is exactly what The Foundry offers you. The Foundry delivers comprehensive, genuine selection of cedar profiles that offers outstanding curb appeal and maintenance-free living. Foundry’s vinyl cedar siding is an exact portrait of cedar shake and shingle style but without the upkeep and the fragility that comes from real cedar, plus its fire resistant. 

Unlike wood, it will never rot, warp, buckle or crack.

As with most shake and shingle profiles and the most extensive color spectrum, Foundry’s products offer the luxury of choice. From shingles with a subtle grain detail, to staggered shakes with a bold rustic dimension, our textures help you create your desired look—beautifully, simply and maintenance-free.

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