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Our commitment to you!

We are committed to ensuring that you, the customer, are getting the best product and proper installation of all products that we apply for all of your exterior finishing needs.  Darcy regularly visits our supplier websites such as Gentek, Royal, Hardie, CanExel & Royal Celect to ensure we always keep up to date on our application processes and that our team is aware of any changes or upgrades.

We as a Team need to ensure that with the constant price changes happening, you, our client get the best possible when it comes to workmanship & satisfaction.  

We want your business, your satisfaction with our work & the confidence in us to get the project done exactly the way you envisioned it to be!  We also want you to be comfortable in referring those who ask about your house, who did it, were they efficient and reasonable etc.  Word of mouth goes a long way!

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