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Workmanship Warranty 

Established in 1991

KDM Construction guarantees warranty on all workmanship and application of the exterior siding products it's involved in. KDM does not have any expiry for such except the tenure of the business. Should the business no longer exist, it would be up to KDM's replacement whether or not to honor their warranty for workmanship.

KDM Construction Ltd can not warranty product defiencies such as warping, color fading or rippling etc. These areas fall upon the Manufacturer and would have to be pursued through that direction. KDM may or may not be involved during the resolution process & can certainly help determine where to go for assistance.

Should there be any question regarding either installation or product stability, KDM should be contacted directly to review the situation and either correct it on the spot or recommend another course of action, such as product warranty. 

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